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Couple & Guild

We understand how communication is important with everyone in everywhere. And for an online game, since the first day, has been made with the purpose of connecting people, together. In result, we would like to introduce the Couple system and the Guild system.


The initial idea of couple is a feature to create knit relationships between players and bring them more exp, Mystery Box drop rate for completing in-game activities together. There will be more interesting features release with Couple system later like Couple Battles,...


But what if you are a leader who can lead your member to fight against enemies? Don't worry! We have Guild system which is groups of maximum 30 players, owned by players and ran by players. The Guild helps to increase the interaction between the players with quests that require all members to complete challenges and earn more valuable rewards.
Additionally, members with higher strength and abilities increase the Guild's win rate in Guild War events. Guilds are rewarded with huge amounts of in-game tokens and Mystery Boxes for winning Guild War events.