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Game Story

In 2299, humans reached the peak of technology, the accompanying consequence was that the energy supply on Earth was no longer adequate. Plants and animals lose their habitat as the land becomes arid. Humans face extinction as a result of their actions. Unyielding to nature, humanity has embarked on a project "The Second World" to lay the groundwork for life on Mars.
Scientists gathered a group of people to serve as this new planet's first citizens. A cosmic black hole erupted after the spacecraft was launched into space, sucking the spacecraft group into the emptiness, over the space gap to a new galaxy, where there are 5 stars. A gravitational band connects the planets, each of which is made up of closely related elements:
  • Ember - is a lava planet with a lot of precious metals. It's scorching and arid (Fire).
  • Aqua - a planet dominated by aquatic species (Water).
  • Demeter - is the planet Earth, which has a plethora of food supplies (Earth).
  • Zephyr - is a metal-rich planet (Metal).
  • Dexe - is a planet with a lot of poisonous compounds (Poison).
And these 5 planets are connected to the main planet called DEZAD like a copy of the Earth. With the human intelligence, although losing communication with the Earth, the group of spaceships drifted to the DEZAD, where they began with the most rudimentary tools, gradually improved here, and began to live as if in a new land, becoming a powerful nation. But people are always the same; once they have attained the ability, ambition drives them to want more; each leader of each land wants to get the resources of other places, and moreover, to aim at the energy core from DEZAD. Following the outbreak of the wars, a council known as the Court of DEZAD was formed, consisting of the heads of each country, who gathered to sign a peace treaty and divide DEZAD into regions for each leader. With the emergence of ambitious people in the face of huge energies, will the balance be maintained or the end of DEZAD?